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South Side Works Parking Garages


Southside Works 
Pittsburgh, PA



Our firm led the design for comprehensive A/E services on (4) four new parking garages for this large scale development on the former LTV Steel South Side Works site.  The project  required intensive coordination between

a private site developer, public development agency, community, and design professionals.  These projects were designed over approximately 5 years with design and construction phases between garages often overlapping.      


The architectural mandate called for a design that conformed to historic guidelines and other local criteria for what would be the first of four or more new parking garages in the community.  These award-winning buildings are considered to be  excellent examples of “Main Street” garage design.    

Hot Metal Garage: 5-story, 675 cars

Ladle Garage:            4.5 story, 376 cars

Furnace Garage:      5.5 story, 409 cars

Ingot Garage:            7.5 story, 865 cars

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