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Sensitive design that giving historically significant structures a new lease on life

Historical Restoration Services

One of the more specialized architectural design services Graves Design Group provides is in the area of historic restoration and preservation. These historical restoration projects of existing buildings or structures with varying historic significance are particularly challenging because they require the architect to preserve the essence of the buildings and environment while incorporating modern design and development improvements and practices in a structure that was not originally designed for them. Our Pittsburgh based architectural design firm President, Howard Graves, has over 40 years of experience in historic restoration and served on Pittsburgh's Historic Review Commission for 15 years. His extensive knowledge of these types of historic restoration projects, including code requirements and other laws governing them, is invaluable. Our architecture design firm stands apart from many because of our first- hand knowledge of issues that arise during the Historic Review process that many of these restoration projects fall under.

This niche field in architecture design requires specialized expertise and painstaking attention to detail, research, code review, special hearings and other services in addition to the traditional architectural design services. Our firm and specialized consultants can provide the level of services these projects deserve to help ensure they are properly preserved for future generations.  


For more information on Historical Restoration Design and Development, please contact Graves Design Group.


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