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Helping clients assess condition, needs, and costs for property they own or want to purchase. 

Property Inspection & Assessment

Graves Design Group has decades of experience in property inspection and assessment to help clients identify the existing condition of a property they own or are considering purchasing.  Whether it be a residential apartment building, commercial business, school building, parking garage, or maintenance facility, we can help inform clients of potential assets and liabilities that a property possesses.

Typically, we offer services that include a site visit(s) by architects and other professionals, as required, to provide inspections of the property to photograph and make notes of areas of interest.  We then compile the information into a useful report that may include a list of "pros and cons" on the property,  including potential costs to make repairs and bring the building into code compliance.  Reports can help inform clients on things including but not limited to: 

  • Structural Repairs

  • Water infiltration problems

  • Recommendations on prioritizing repairs and upgrades

  • HVAC system integrity 

  • Roof condition

  • Code review for compliance with intended use

  • Masonry inspection

  • Estimated cost to repair deficiencies 

Whether you are a facilities manager or are a private owner, people responsible for we feel you can benefit from our team of professionals that can help you make informed decisions on your property to help avoid increased cost.  


For more information on Project Management Services please contact Graves Design Group.

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