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Ruskin Hall Dormitory- University of Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, PA



Ruskin Hall is an existing apartment building owned and operated by the University of Pittsburgh.  Built in the early 1900’s, the eight-story apartment building was earmarked for medical students and interns. However, to meet the growing demand for undergraduate housing, the University program called for a building refit to house sophomore and junior students.


The program goals for Ruskin Hall were to increase the occupancy from less than 200 residents to approximately 400, to maintain apartment-style living by providing a comfortable living area and small kitchen for each unit, and to add building amenities including a fitness room and lounge.  Other improvements included updating the mechanical, plumbing and fire-protection systems, providing cable and data access for every living area and bedroom, and redesigning the common areas such as the mailroom, laundry room and study room to meet the needs of the new resident population. A University of Pittsburgh Police mini-station in Ruskin Hall was also part of the renovation.


The total scope of renovations was less than 50 % of the building’s area, thus retaining the current R-2 Apartment building classification. 

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