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Pittsburgh Technology Center Garage


Pittsburgh, PA



Pittsburgh Technology Center Garage, Pittsburgh, PA

Our firm was hired by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Pittsburgh to provide professional consulting services related to a private six-tier 725 space parking garage, scheduled for the Pittsburgh Technology site, located between Second Avenue and the Monongahela River. The purpose was to help ensure a minimum quality standard desired by the URA.

Schematic documents were prepared as part of our service. These documents included specific design and construction criteria for the parking garage that set the course of design approach for any potential design/build teams submitting on the project. When the project was bid, we acted as the third party reviewer of proposals by Design/Build teams. Our evaluation played an important role in the selection process, on behalf of the URA.

Once the Design/Build team was selected and final construction documents were completed, our firm provided document reviews for conformance with guidelines established in our schematic design. During construction, we provided periodic site inspections during the construction of the project to further ensure conformance to guidelines established.

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