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Milliones-University Prep School


Pittsburgh, PA



As part of the Pittsburg Public School's Excellence Program, Milliones Middle School was selected to house a new 6th through 12th grade School Program called University Prep. This program will be a unique partnership between the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Public Schools and will embrace a total college-going culture in and outside of the classroom. The challenge of this project was programming an existing middle school for both middle and high school curriculums, with a goal of limiting cross circulation between middle and high - school children, while also embracing and creating a college-like atmosphere.

The design strategy and the final program created classrooms for grade levels to be established on individual floors. Areas such as the gym, cafeteria, locker rooms, pool and auditorium were located in shared areas next to newly created administration offices located directly adjacent to separate student entries on the 4th floor for middle school and first floor for high school students. Key features of the design renovations include a new two story Library with Study Rooms, two new multi-purpose Science Labs, new Student Lounges, and re-creating a new Auditorium with Balcony. As part of the University of Pittsburgh’s contribution to the program, an area was created for the Helen S. Faison Center for Urban Education; creating a national center for excellence in public education right inside the building.

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