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Luna Square Garage


Pittsburgh, PA



UPMC’s Luna Parking Garage is a 1000 car structured parking garage on an 8.45-acre site located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, along Baum Boulevard.  The project challenges included a severe site topography, structural complexity of the building, and high level of coordination with community stakeholders.  As the leading garage architect in the city of Pittsburgh, all of our resources and capabilities were tested.  In the end, when construction bids were in, Graves Design Group and its consultants were able to deliver a project that was; substantially under budget, that our client is very pleased with, and that brings a great asset to the community.


  • The parking garage was designed to be built on a challenging site that had severe 50% slopes that required specialized structural considerations.  

  • The garage was designed to allow for possible future vertical expansion, should the owner decide to later construct a building on top of the garage. 

  • A portion of the site bordered a residential street. In order to be sensitive to views of the garage from this vantage point, roof treatments along this edge of the garage shield views of parked cars while offering more a residential feel with altering rooflines. 

  • Bicycle racks provide plenty of space for cyclists to park on the entry level of the garage, off of Baum Boulevard.

  • Glass enclosed stair tower offers plenty of natural light and promotes a safe, well lit, environment for users.


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