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K. Leroy Irvis archive room
at University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Library


University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA



Firm principal, Howard Graves, worked closely with Mr. and Mrs. Irvis , as project architect, as he developed a design that would be reflective of the former Speaker and visionary man. Mr. Irvis was fond of airplanes, which is reflected in the ceiling design. The result is a project that shows a perspective symbol of honesty and integrity and provides space for an interactive learning opportunity

The design uses symmetry to achieve a formal, yet graceful, statement and theme. The architecture exploits a free plan both horizontally and vertically, with emphasis on scale, texture, and functional relationships. Mies Van Der Rohe’s 1929 Barcelona Exposition Pavilion Building served as a benchmark reference for the project, for the architecture that sets the framework for program.

  • Features included:

  • Gallery

  • Reading Area

  • Reception Area

  • Archive storage

  • Administrative

  • Office space

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