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Eve Harter House, Beechwood Blvd

Eve Harter Front.jpg
Eve Harter Side.jpg
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Pittsburgh, PA


Historic Residential 


Eve Harter House-Renovation, Pittsburgh, PA

Originally designed in 1922-24 by renowned architect Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr. for Eve Harter, the home had suffered from years of neglect and was in need of major renovation when the new private owner purchased it.  While many of the original highly unique features and quality woodwork remained intact, the home needed a new roof , HVAC system, kitchen, bathrooms, and more.  The contractor, Real Estate Support Services, hired Graves Design Group to help with a special request by the owner; to convert the raw unfinished attic space into a Master Bedroom Suite.  GDG provided design for a new stairway from the 2nd to new 3rd floor suite, layout of bedroom, master bathroom, closet, and new dormer window facing the back yard.

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