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EQT 12th Floor Office Buildout


Pittsburgh, PA



The 12th floor in the EQT Plaza Building, 625 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 was leased by EQT to expand their existing headquarters.  The floor contains approximately 23,500 square feet, including core areas.  The entire space needed to be outfitted for EQT’s use.


The existing floor was partially built-out and required a fast tracked demolition back to raw space. Our firm provided Architectural and Engineering consulting services, providing programming, design and engineering, based client requirements. We worked closely with EQT (Facilities Management, IT, Purchasing) to select a General Contractor and sub-suppliers for the construction of this office space.

A complete design and engineering package was required including Architectural and Interior Fit-out and Finishes, HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting, Electrical, Data, and Security. 

Core spaces are were included in the design and included, but were not limited to: Elevator Lobbies and Stairwells (from mid-flight landing below to mid-flight landing above the 12th floor).


Renovations to the existing Toilet Rooms were also included within the scope of work.

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